GFCI Outlet Repairs in New Castle County

New Castle County gfci outlet repair

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. When a variance is detected in the electrical current, the GFCI outlet or braker will automatically shut off power to the protected part of the circuit.

Generally GFCI outlets are required in walls and rooms where moisture or dampness can be. Typical places would include bathroom plugs, kitchen countertops, outside plugs, pool pumps, jacuzzis, and other wet and damp locations.

If you have noticed the your GFCI outlet is not working, you try pushing the reset button on the outlet. If this does not resolved the issue, call our New Castle County GFCI outlet repair experts to check the outlet. Our electricians can inspect, repair and install GFCI outlets and GFCI breakers throughout your home.

Our GFCI Outlet Repair Provides the Following Services

  • GFI Outlet Repair
  • GFI Receptacle Repair
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • Electrical Fire Protection
  • Electrical Installation
  • Erratic Current Protection
  • Power Disconnection Circuits
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Power Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Ground Fault Interrupters
  • GFI Outlets Installation


We Provide GFCI Outlet Repairs in the Following Towns

Bear, DE | Pike Creek, DE | Claymont, DE | Stanton, DE | Greenville, DE | Hockessin, DE | New Castle, DE | Newark, DE | Montchanin, DE | Wilmington, DE

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