3 Benefits Of Hiring A Licensed Electrician For Your New Commercial Construction

If you’re working on new commercial construction in New Castle County, there are a lot of different people you’ve got to hire– builders, plumbing and HVAC specialists, and last but certainly not least, an electrician. Especially if you have little to no experience with electrical systems, having a professional electrician on your side during new… Read More

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5 Great Reasons To Install New Lighting

If you’re one of the many Delaware homeowners out there who are looking for the perfect project to help you enhance and transform your home, installing new lighting might be just the project you’ve been looking for. New lighting can have a marked effect on the interior of your home, whether you’re installing new lighting… Read More

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Tips On Commercial Lighting Systems

Have you ever been to a place of business that isn’t well lit? You get the creepy feeling that you shouldn’t go in spite of seeing the interior lights on. It certainly gives you second thoughts about walking up to the door. A commercial property needs to have sufficient lighting, not only for safety considerations… Read More

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How To Make Swimming Pool Lighting Fun

Are you ready to jump in your swimming pool? As winter fades and spring turns to summer in Delaware, we’ll be ready for a nice cool dip. Enjoying the pool anytime day or night is fun when you have pool lighting installed. Even more enjoyable is the beautiful ambiance you can create with lights in… Read More

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Romance Your Landscape With Lighting

If you live in New Castle County, Electrical Solutions would love to help you romance your landscape. Call today for more information. Here are some ideas for landscape lighting from our New Castle County electricians. Landscape lighting isn’t always about lighting up the exterior of your home. It’s often about being able to evoke feeling… Read More

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Aluminum Wiring Replacement – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You!

It was a common practice in the 60’s and part of the 70’s to use aluminum wiring. During this period, copper prices were high and builders were seeking a more cost-effective alternative to use. Without a true understanding of how aluminum would hold up long term, the switch was made. The problem, we now know,… Read More

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What to Expect From Your Electrical Safety Inspection

It is very easy to forget about the importance of your electrical system, especially taking into consideration what it takes to keep it up and running. This system runs behind the scenes and tends to get forgotten, until something goes wrong. The problem is that you don’t want anything to go wrong. Not just because… Read More

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Hiring an Electrician for New Castle County Electrical Repairs and Services

For you to be able to ensure that you get the best possible job  done in your home, you should limit your options among New Castle County electricians and electrical contractors that will be able to take the best possible care of your home’s electrical system. Even if highly skilled professionals tend to ask for… Read More

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New Castle County Electrical Repairs Should Always Be Done by Electricians

Most New Castle County area households and buildings regularly require electrical repairs. This is logical as electricity is always used for operating appliances, equipment, and other machines. Short-circuits and small electrical shocks are normal and are quite usual. However, it is surprising that services of professional electricians are hardly sought. No one could blame home… Read More

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New Castle County Landscape Lighting Tips

Building a home and visualizing beautiful roof tiles aglow with lights at night? New Castle County landscape lighting can enhance the look of your home. If you’re thinking of having downlights installed at the edge of your roof to cast a beautiful glow in your home façade and highlight the architectural design, enlist the services… Read More

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